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Keeping Promises - High Rewards, Great Music

I kept one promise and I'm glad I did!!! That promise was to attend the next launch of an Artful Dodgers CD. I'm here to pat myself on the back for keeping that promise. So glad that I attended last week's launch of Reverberate, at the Arts Centre. The Master of Ceremony was the fabulous Da Hypnotist, who sparred with a certain former Painter and Docker, and kept the old man on his toes with his quick wit and knowledge. Da Hypnotist also delivered a spell binding set of hi-octane RAP, that brought us to our feet (some of us not so much to our feet). There were many outstanding performances by a varied collection of quality artists. The up and about Desolettes, reminding me of the new wave explosion in the late seventies. The cool, colourful Riak Riak, the man with the crowd in his hands and the beat in his heart. Morgan and Yuri channelling Brian Eno and the Velvet Underground whipped up a frenzied wall of electric guitar and sparse haunting vocals. Aiden Tyla Frenzy with his late night trance fuelled hip hop, rap, pop .... the brilliant Brent with story, knowledge, dance and Didge...Caution the proud Koori wordsmith...and the man of soul Lawrence Austin Jr...and I could go on, and on...If you make one promise that you should keep, it should be to grab the Reverberate CD...and get along to a gig that any of the performers are's gunna make you smile!

Reverberate cds are available from the Artful Dodgers Studio


BJ Steve (top left), Brent Watkins (top right), The Strippers (bottom left), The Travellers (bottom right)

25 November 2015