Jesuit Social Services

Jesuit Volunteers Australia

Jesuit Volunteers Australia encompasses two streams: the people who support Jesuit Social Services programs by working with program participants and supporting our staff; and, volunteers across Australia who work with any organisation dedicated to helping the disadvantaged who choose to gather to reflect on that experience.

Jesuit Social Services              Volunteers


Reflective Volunteering

Jesuit Social Services offers volunteers the opportunity to make a difference in the community with a range of opportunities for volunteers to apply their professional, trade, administrative, personal and social skills - whatever their background, qualifications and experience.

Jesuit Social Services volunteers work in a variety of capacities - working in our programs, in administrative roles, on committees,  providing consultation and assisting with fundraising initiatives.



Within Jesuit Volunteers Australia we run an Australia wide program for people volunteering with the disadvantaged and marginalised in our community.

Volunteers may be engaged with the disadvantaged either with Jesuit Social Services or with other agencies which support the marginalised in our community.

Volunteers are offered opportunities to develop a deeper commitment to social justice through reflection and conversations about their volunteering experience.

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