Jesuit Social Services


Commitment to our environment

Jesuit Social Services works to build a just society. We work with our community, for our community and as part of our community. This recognition of our place within society plays out in all that we do, and is reflected in our commitment to ecological and social justice.

Our programs interrelate with both the natural and social environment in which they operate, recognising and enhancing the web of relations that exist between people and their environment. The community adventure and bush therapy programs operated by The Outdoor Experience at our Kew location are an obvious example of this, but many of our other programs also seek to promote relationships between people, community and environment in their activities.

You can learn more here about how our individual programs are putting Jesuit Social Services' environmental pledge into action. You can also read about our Environmental Way of Proceeding here, which describes in more detail the promises we have made to ourselves and our community about nurturing our environment. Information about our international activities regarding ecology and the governance of national resources can be found here.

As a Jesuit organisation, Jesuit Social Services commits to the central theme of the Jesuit mission spelled out in 35th General Congregation (GC35) on Reconciliation with Creation, which calls for all Jesuit ministries to develop concrete programs and initiatives concerning our environment. Recognising that many of the earth's resources are non-replenishable, we seek to use them wisely, and have implemented steps to reduce waste and improve our energy efficiency. But we recognise our efforts must involve more than simply making changes to our business processes and practice framework. Integral to our commitment must be an investment in the human spirit – the formation and deepening of our capacity to engage and sustain our commitment to social and ecological justice, based on a deep gratitude and our appreciation of the interconnectedness of all life

Jesuit Social Services acknowledges that sustainability is not an add-on to our mission and practice, but an integral part of who we are, how we manage our organisation and how we meet the needs of the community we serve. In the interconnected modern world, it is no longer possible to consider ecological and social justice in isolation. Instead, both are inherently linked as is evident in the fact that it is the poorest in our world who are the most vulnerable to the effects of environmental degradation. We are grateful for the environment and web of life that we are part of and that sustains us, and we are committed to responsible practices, operating in a manner that protects and improves our environment and our communities. We encourage our staff, participants, volunteers, friends, stakeholders and the Jesuit community to share this commitment.